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Welcome to the About Daniel Page

Daniel Felts is not just a name on a ballot; he’s a beacon of integrity, transparency, and relentless advocacy for the residents of Avalon. As the owner/manager/CEO of The Breakwater Catalina Island, a proud alumnus of Avalon High School, and a friend to many within our community, Daniel’s roots run deep in the soil of Catalina Island. His campaign for mayor is driven by a vision of a community where open dialogue, mutual respect, and collective action pave the way for a brighter future.

A Champion for Transparency

Daniel’s journey to becoming a mayoral candidate was catalyzed by a series of encounters that highlighted the urgent need for transparency in local governance and community projects. His experience with the Catalina Island Conservancy’s “White’s Restoration Project Tour” underscores his commitment to ensuring that community members have access to clear, unfiltered information about the initiatives that impact their lives and environment.

Despite facing resistance to his requests for open recording and documentation of public tours and meetings, Daniel stood firm in his belief that transparency is a cornerstone of trust and accountability in leadership. His advocacy extends beyond personal interactions, reaching into the heart of community concerns such as the deer eradication issue, where he has consistently called for transparent decision-making processes that consider the voice of the community.

A Vision for Avalon

Daniel envisions an Avalon where economic vitality, community engagement, and an enhanced quality of life are not just ideals but realities for every resident. He understands that economic prosperity is essential for the sustainability of Avalon’s unique charm and public services. Daniel is dedicated to introducing innovative economic strategies, promoting tourism, and investing in local infrastructure, all while ensuring the preservation of Avalon’s distinctive character.

Recognizing the importance of political engagement, Daniel aims to foster an environment where every resident feels empowered to contribute to the town’s governance. His commitment to improving Avalon’s quality of life is evident in his plans to invest in public spaces, promote arts and culture, improve educational resources, and provide comprehensive care for seniors and vulnerable populations.

Connecting with the Community

Daniel’s campaign is a testament to his belief in the power of community. He actively seeks dialogue with Avalon’s residents, inviting feedback, concerns, and suggestions to shape a collective vision for the town’s future. Whether through his involvement in local events, social media engagement, or personal interactions, Daniel is a constant presence, ready to listen, understand, and act on behalf of his fellow Avalonians.

Through his posts on Catalina Discussion 2.0 and public statements, Daniel has consistently advocated for clear, open communication between the City of Avalon, the Catalina Island Conservancy, and the community at large. His calls for independent reviews and accountability reflect his dedication to ensuring that all actions taken by local institutions are in the best interest of Avalon and its residents.

An Invitation from Daniel

“I invite you to join me in this journey towards a more transparent, engaged, and thriving Avalon. Your support, ideas, and participation are crucial in shaping a future where our community stands united, embracing challenges, and celebrating our successes together. Let’s make Avalon a beacon of what a community can achieve when it comes together under shared values and goals. Thank you for your trust, support, and belief in a better Avalon.”

Join Daniel in his campaign for a brighter future for Avalon — a future built on the principles of transparency, community engagement, and sustainable growth. Together, we can make Avalon a place where everyone feels at home, valued, and part of a vibrant, inclusive community.