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Infrastructure and Public Services

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Avalon, Catalina Island – Tucked away from the mainland’s hustle, Avalon is an idyllic seaside town that prides itself on its robust infrastructure and public services, designed to meet the needs of both its residents and the myriad of tourists who visit each year.

Keeping Avalon Connected and Accessible

Transportation in Avalon is a blend of charm and efficiency. With a focus on reducing carbon footprints, most residents and guests navigate the one-square-mile town via golf carts, bicycles, and on foot. The city’s infrastructure supports this eco-friendly approach, with well-maintained pathways and electric charging stations strategically placed throughout. For connections to the mainland, the port is serviced by high-speed ferries, ensuring the island is both accessible and inviting.

Sustainable Water and Power for a Sustainable Avalon

Avalon’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its water and power services. The city has invested in desalination technology and water conservation programs, ensuring a reliable and eco-conscious water supply. Similarly, Avalon’s power infrastructure is progressively moving towards renewable sources, with solar initiatives and energy conservation measures taking center stage to keep the island’s lights on and its environment pristine.

Waste Management: A Clean Avalon is a Happy Avalon

Understanding the importance of keeping the island clean and its ecosystems undisturbed, Avalon has a comprehensive waste management system. This includes regular trash and recycling collections, along with special waste disposal events and community clean-up days that foster a sense of pride and responsibility among residents.

Strengthening Connectivity with Technology

Avalon is embracing the digital age with open arms. Efforts to enhance internet connectivity across the island have been pivotal, ensuring that residents and businesses can stay connected to the wider world. This digital infrastructure is vital for both the local economy and for ensuring that emergency communications remain robust in this remote location.

Education and Public Libraries: Anchors of the Community

Education in Avalon is a cherished value, with the local school system providing a quality education from kindergarten through high school. The community extends its commitment to lifelong learning through the public library, which serves as a hub of knowledge, culture, and technology for all ages.

Healthcare: Ensuring Well-being on the Island

Healthcare services in Avalon are comprehensive and compassionate, with the local medical center equipped to handle immediate health concerns and a network of support for more complex needs. The community’s well-being is also supported by public health initiatives that range from fitness programs to mental health resources.


Avalon on Catalina Island offers a unique blend of small-town charm and advanced infrastructure, ensuring that public services are delivered effectively and sustainably. The city’s commitment to maintaining and improving its infrastructure reflects its dedication to ensuring that Avalon remains a paradise for its residents and a delightful escape for its visitors for many years to come.


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